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Happy Birthday to Doreen Valiente!

Doreen Valiente

Not enough can ever be said about the tremendous influence that Doreen Valiente had on the modern practice of witchcraft, in many, many of its forms. This is why she is widely considered to be the Mother of Modern Witchcraft. For more information about witchcraft and its practice, please click the image and check out our brother Si’s website, Mandragora Magika.

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When A Coven Comes to Its End

We wrote another piece, but we published it somewhere marvelous, unlike this dump.

Here’s an embellished excerpt:

“We’d known that the end would come for years, because my ridiculous initiators would wax eloquent about their grand “retirement,’ but it was always some distant time when their 10 year old son would turn 18 and they would retire somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Eight years goes by in a flash when you’re happy. I should have stayed surly.”

Read it here.